Mountam Band: Dusty Road

Dusty Road

Dusty Road is the debut alt-rock masterpiece from Mountam Band and the seventh album release from Mark G. Moore. The richly produced nine-song offering showcases the masterful musical stylings of Northern California musicians Mark G. Moore, Brazilian guitarest-producer José Neto, Lorin and Chris Rowan, and Celso Alberti. Heralded by music critic Paul Liberatore of the Marin Independent Journal as “dripping with lush vocal harmonies, exotic instrumentation and wave upon wave of sound”, Dusty Road “is the kind of record that demands repeated listening.” With its immersive vocals and sumptuous layers of electric and acoustic guitars, this is a refreshing new Northern California sound that beautifully blends Americana, laid-back acoustic rock, and world music elements. Additional musicians who lend their considerable talent to Dusty Road include Gary Brown, Krishna Booker, Daniel Paul, Ben Leinbach, and Paul Booth. Put on Dusty Road and venture into energizing rhythms, engaging melodies and lavish harmonies for a new sound and an instant classic.

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